Excellent Jewellers(ETJ) is a leader in the Australian Jewellery industry, and a preferred choice of jeweler for every occasion. Excellent Jewellers who blend creativity, originality and quality of service with 23 years of experience, offers its customers a wide variety of over 10,000 designs of necklaces, rings, ear studs, bangles, and pendants to name few.

Excellent Jewellers is true to its name, having excellent quality of Jewelleries, artistically designed and hand made with traditional as well as modern patterns.

All our Jewelleries are 22Ct-91.6 quality gold with selected diamonds to enhance the designs. The excellent craftsmanship is second to none, molded by expert artisans who have a long history of making gold Jewelleries in thier family.

Excellent jewellers is the shop for buying a good and reliable 22 Ct quality gold with full guarantee.

We believe in customer satisfaction and best quality of Jewelleries.

The speciality of our service includes birth stones and Gems of Numerology to suit your date of birth in accordance with traditional science of Astrology.

Our excellent gems include Ruby (Manikkam), Pearl (Muthu), Golden Topaz (Pushparagam), Sardonic (Komethakam), Diamond (Vairam), Emerald (Marakatham), Cat's Eye (Vaidurium), Blue Sapphire (Neelam) and Coral (Pavallam).

We manufacture our Jewelleries with meticulous care and precision.




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